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Sample boxes are available around every 4-6 weeks between September and April; less during the busy wedding season.

Boxes can be collected, or i can post if you're a little further away.

Sample boxes contain a set menu of six of my most popular flavours.

You can pre-order your box via my contact page or just drop me a message via Email Sample boxes are plastic free.

Collection sample box £15

Postal box £20

A full consultation isn't always necessary. I often work with clients via email/video call and look at designs and techniques using Pinterest and sharing pictures etc.

For a more complex fondant style it can be more beneficial to sit down together, especially in the initial stages of the design process.


Consultations usually last around 45 minutes depending on the style of cake you're looking for.

At a consultation we will use fake tiers to have a look at the overall size of your cake, e.g. how many portions you require and how many tiers you want to have. I can also create cakes with fake tiers to give the impression of a full sized cake when just a smaller amount of portions are needed. 

You might want to use a specific colour or design detail from another aspect of your wedding. It would be useful to bring along samples of anything you would like incorporating into your cake design i.e. colour samples, fabric swatches, invitations etc. However this is not essential. 

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