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I use a Beautiful silky smooth Swiss meringue buttercream as standard as the filling and on the outside of my buttercream designs.

Sponges are all home baked just a few days before delivery using fresh free range eggs.

All covered cakes have a layer of either white or dark Belgian chocolate before smothering with more buttercream or a thin layer of fondant icing depending on design.

I'm happy to take any requests that you may have if there's a specific flavour not on my list.

All of my products are prepared in a domestic kitchen where nut/seeds and other allergen traces may be present. My recipe's also include gluten, egg, milk and soya.

Belgian chocolate ganache and fondant icing are also used as outer coverings.

Chocolate sponge with... Belgian chocolate orange butter cream, Belgian chocolate butter cream, Salted caramel butter cream, Coffee butter cream Peanut butter, butter cream Cherry amaretto butter cream Raspberry butter cream


Vanilla sponge with… Vanilla butter cream & raspberry/strawberry/cherry jam Raspberry butter cream


Lemon sponge with... Lemon meringue butter cream Raspberry butter cream Passion fruit butter cream


Coffee sponge with... Coffee butter cream Belgian chocolate butter cream Vanilla butter cream


Champagne sponge with… Strawberry & champagne butter cream


Red velvet sponge with... Vanilla butter cream

White chocolate butter cream

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